MBA OpenWater FAQs

When will the platform go live and when are the deadlines?

The platform goes live, and the application process is open from June 3, 2024, to December 1, 2024. Extensions are granted through March 31, 2025. After this period, the submission process is closed, and applicants must apply when the next award period commences.


How will MBA applicants and reviewers benefit from the new platform?

Benefits include:

  • Single repository using ABSO International login credentials to complete, store, and view application status
  • Faster confirmations of receipts and time-saving notifications
  • Ability to upload and download documents
  • Status alerts and progress within a user’s MBA profile
  • Storage of historical information


How is an MBA account created and the application submitted?

OpenWater uses the same login credentials (Username and Password) you use to access your ASBO account. The application link will be posted on the MBA online page. Once logged in, click on Meritorious Budget Awards and Pathway to MBA (2024-2025) and select your application type:

  • Pathway to the MBA
  • MBA application
  • MBA Extension Request (If your district is unable to meet the submission deadline.)

You can save your entries and return to your application as often as needed until it’s completed. After entering and uploading all the required supporting documentation, you will be directed to a page where you can pay online or via check. If you choose to pay by check, you will receive an invoice from ASBO.


What if I am not a member of ASBO International? Can my district still apply?

You do not have to be a member to apply; however, you need an ASBO International account to help identify your district. You will be directed to create an account or provide the account details for your district’s contact person. Once those details are entered, you will be redirected to the MBA online application.


What if I forgot my ASBO International Username and Password?

Select the “Forgot My Username” or “Forgot My Password” link. If you are still having issues, please contact [email protected] or 866.682.2729 x7080. Please DO NOT create a new account login, as this may further delay accessibility to your profile.


When should I contact ASBO International for additional login assistance?

Please contact [email protected] or 866.682.2729 x7080 if:

  • You cannot access your account AND you are a member, have been a member in the past, have attended an ASBO International event or purchased an online course, or have access to the Global School Business Network through your state/province affiliate.
  • Your school district or employer has changed.
  • Your email address has changed.

Please DO NOT create a new account login, as this may further delay accessibility to your OpenWater profile.


How do I request an online extension?

Log into the portal (enter your Username and Password). Under “Program,” you can click on the application or the extension form. Enter your information in the extension application form. You will receive a confirmation email from ASBO within 24 hours with an updated submission deadline. A reminder deadline notification will be sent to the assigned contact person as the deadline approaches. Please contact [email protected] if a new contact person is assigned or a deadline is missed.


Can I contact my reviewer(s)?

Due to possible conflicts of interest that may arise, ASBO maintains separation and confidentiality between its MBA applicants and reviewers.


Did the MBA application requirements or fees increase?

There are no changes to the requirements or the fees.


Can I pay for my application online?

Yes, the payment section is at the end of your online MBA application.


Can I pay via check?

Yes, choose check payment at the end of your application. You will receive an invoice from ASBO within 24-48 business hours.


Will I be able to access my documents and certificate?

Award recipients are notified of their status and will receive their award documents via email. The portal archives applications after 120 days, but applicants can access their entire history online.


Can more than one person have access to the district’s account?

No, only the assigned person can access the account details. Contact [email protected] if your school district has assigned a new contact.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions or need assistance accessing and using the MBA OpenWater platform.