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ASBO International Releases New Exam Blueprint for School Business Officials

Ashburn, VA – October 13, 2020 – The ASBO International Certification Commission announces the release of a new exam blueprint for the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations (SFO®) certification program.

The new blueprint is based on a job analysis the commission conducted over a 12-week period under the guidance of Scantron – test management psychometricians and program developers that specialize in assessment and technology solutions. The commission conducts this rigorous process every five years to ensure that the SFO exam domains are current and accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities required for effective performance as a school business official (SBO).

“The commission was pleased to have such overwhelming support from SBOs who represent the spectrum of the profession,” notes Lynn Buch, SFO, 2020 Commission Chair. “We reached out via survey to approximately 12,500 SBOs throughout Canada and the United States to partake in this analysis. Their feedback played a vital role in defining benchmarks and knowledge requirements for our industry. The revised blueprint is a consensus-driven validation of their collective contributions.” These results will be reflected in the new SFO exams scheduled for release in October 2021.

The revised SFO domains have been consolidated from nine to eight areas due to the merging of overlapping content within the Financial Planning and Budget Planning domains. Also, domains are reflective of terminology, policies, and procedures that are the recognized standard within the practice.

The commission will notify stakeholders of any additional changes at least six months prior to the October 2021 release of the new SFO exams, including reference books sourced for test questions. The comprehensive SFO knowledge, tasks, and skills statement, as well as a summary of the new blueprint, are available on ASBO International’s website.

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