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As a school business professional, you are an education champion whose mission is to ensure all students receive a high-quality education. You tirelessly advocate for resources and programs to support your students, striving to create a learning environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. Navigating the complexities of federal policy and advocacy can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone—ASBO International is here to support you.

ASBO International is your resource for understanding and engaging on federal policy issues impacting your school district. Stay informed of the latest federal K-12 education news, learn how to effectively advocate for your school district, and ensure your voice is heard in Washington, D.C.

ASBO International Legislative Priorities

  • Education Funding. Targeted, robust federal funding with minimal administrative burden is an important part of a school system’s revenue.
  • School Infrastructure & Safety. Federal funding and support are critical for schools to construct, maintain, and repair facilities and ensure that students have safe and healthy places to learn and thrive.
  • Child Nutrition. Schools require a sustainable nutrition program business model with minimal administrative burden that provides affordable, nutritious meals that students will enjoy.
  • Health Care & Labor. Schools need adequate federal support to address emerging health and labor challenges affecting the education field.

ASBO International Legislative Advocacy Resources

Need talking points, infographics, and other tools for your education advocacy efforts? Access these resources to support your cause.

ASBO International’s 2024–2025 U.S. Legislative Beliefs
ESSER in Action: K-12 Spending Priorities, Successes and Challenges

ASBO International’s 2023–2024 U.S. Legislative Agenda
ASBO International’s 2023–2024 U.S. Legislative Beliefs
ASBO International’s Best of SBA Magazine: ESSER Spending Examples
ASBO International’s SBA Magazine Reading List: Navigating the ESSER Fiscal Cliff

ASBO International’s Policy Recommendations to Address Gun-Related Violence & Improve the Safety of Our Schools
ASBO International’s 2022–2023 U.S. Legislative Agenda
ASBO International Report: How Have School Districts Spent ESSER Funds So Far?
ASBO International Infographic: How Have School Districts Spent ESSER Funds So Far?
ASBO International's 2022–2023 U.S. Legislative Beliefs

ASBO International's 2021–2022 U.S. Legislative Agenda
ASBO International's 2021–2022 U.S. Legislative Beliefs
ASBO International’s Response to COVID-19
ASBO International’s Survey Report: How Are School Districts Investing Federal Emergency Relief Funds to Address COVID-19?
ASBO International's 2021 K–12 Policy Recommendations for a New Administration

ASBO International’s 2020–2021 Legislative Beliefs
ASBO International’s Policy Recommendations for COVID-19 Recovery
ASBO/AASA COVID-19 Cost Analysis for Reopening Schools

Stay informed and connected with ASBO International and your peers on all things education policy with these additional resources.

ASBO International’s Legislative Affairs Community (Members Only)
@ASBOUSA Legislative Affairs Twitter Account
ASBO/AASA Joint Legislative Advocacy Conference

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