Voting is a simple three-step process: Vote/Submit/Confirm

Who Can Vote

ASBO International's Bylaws state that the following membership categories can vote in the annual election: School Business Professional, Emeritus, Life, and Affiliate Executive Directors. In addition, each District Member can designate one individual to vote in the annual election.

Per the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of Illinois, the state under whom ASBO is incorporated, voting members must be in good standing five (5) business days prior to the start of the election. After that deadline, no new members or renewals can be added to the voting roster. 

How to Vote

When you receive your email invitation to vote, click the link in the email and be directed to a website containing the ballot.
  • Vote: Click on the link in your email invitation and make your selections in the online ballot.
  • Submit: Click on “Submit” to send in your choices.
  • Confirm: A second/follow-up email will be sent to you; you must “Confirm” by clicking on the link in that email. If you do not click the Confirm link, your vote will not be counted.
If you don’t receive your invitation to vote, please follow these steps:
  • Confirm that your IT department whitelisted the following:
    • IP Address:
    • Domain:
    • Domain:
  • Check your spam/junk folder.
  • Ask your IT department to release any emails trapped in your system spam filter from the IP address above.

If you still do not have the invitation email, contact Angie Tombul or leave a voicemail at 703.708.7063 to have it resent.

Remember that you will receive a follow-up email asking you to confirm your vote. If you do not receive it, check your spam/junk folder. You must confirm your vote to have it counted.




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