The Value of Membership

"Membership makes me a better business leader for my district. I’m able to connect with colleagues, participate in outstanding professional development, stay informed, and reap the benefits of the vast resources ASBO International offers."
Christi Schaefbauer, Mandan School District, North Dakota
Member since 2010

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Board of Directors

Mark Pepera

Mark C. Pepera, MBA, RSBO, SFO

Brenda Burkett

Brenda R. Burkett, CPA, SFO, CSBA
Vice President

Terrie Simmons

Terrie S. Simmons, RSBA, CSBO
Immediate Past President

John Musso

John D. Musso, CAE, RSBA
ASBO International Executive Director

Jennifer Carls

Jennifer Bolton Carls, Ed.D.
Director through 2015

Tom Wohlleber

Tom Wohlleber
Director through 2015

Anthony Dragona

Anthony N. Dragona, RSBA
Director through 2016

Charles Peterson

Charles E. Peterson, Jr., MBA, PRSBA, SFO
Director through 2016

Avery Embry

Avery Embry, MBA
Director through 2017

David Peterson

David J. Peterson, Ed.D., J.D., SFO
Director through 2017